The Company

In the eighties, KHT was the first company on the market to develop commissioning robots. This first generation of robots was installed for the first time in 1986.

This knowhow laid the foundations for further product generations and innovations. Since 1986, our systems have been operating at the most diverse companies all over the world, including pharmaceutical wholesalers, automotive spare parts manufacturers, makers and retailers of spectacles, jewellery, shoes, and tools, to name but a few. At the same time, KHT developed the first dimension measuring instruments with integrated weigher for measuring pharmaceutical packaging. Our developers and designers never fail to create innovative solutions for the most diverse requirements and are continuously optimising the efficiency and performance of our plant. This gave rise to the revolutionary KHT two arm technology, as just one example.

Today, KHT together with its subsidiary Apostore ranks among the international market leaders on the sector of order picking technology. Apostore is responsible for the international pharmaceuticals line, providing top quality automated order pickers for dispensing chemists and hospitals. In its present position as world market leader, KHT maintains a production portfolio including mobile logistics instrumentation for measuring simple parcels and complex item geometry. Perfected and sustainable solutions are guaranteed, thanks to the knowhow and experience gained from many projects and our trained team, who will support you through the planning, design, production, project management, and commissioning phases.