KHT MultiScan PBM 1000
Instrument for measuring space requirements, determining weights, and recognising shapes.

Optimised storage planning and management requires precise master data for your products. These must be gained from precise measurements of each piece good’s geometry and weight.

Mounted on a robust trolley with integrated power supply, the KHT MultiScan is a complete mobile station for measuring the dimensions and weight of your items. As soon as you have entered the precise item data, this product not only optimises the utilisation of your valuable storage space, it can also e.g. determine the shipping container directly from the customer order and coordinate production processes with greater reliability.  This helps you to cut costs and save valuable time.

The KHT MultiScan provides you with all of the coefficients needed for long term capacity planning (for the design of storehouses), enhancing planning reliability.

  • volume measuring instrument with infrared light grid and integrated weigher
  • measurements of even complex product geometries
  • reliable weight measurements
  • contour based identification
  • measurements of textile compressibility
  • reliable capacity planning
  • time and cost savings in shipping
  • order picking analyses
  • check rate comparisons between goods
  • mobile unit with own power supply

MultiScan Functions

The MultiScan consists of infrared transmitter and receiver modules arranged opposite to each other and an integrated weigher. Owing to this special arrangement, the modules can measure even the most complex geometries completely and reliably. A special module can calculate the maximum compressibility of textiles. The infrared beams used to take the measurements are completely harmless to the eyes and are emitted with a carrier frequency that serves to suppress disruptive extraneous light.

MultiScan control software

Our software solutions in several languages are custom configured precisely to your requirements. For instance, we can provide you with programs that determine the shipping cartons, examine bagging properties, and provide interfaces to your storage management system or barcode readers. The product is photographed by the integrated camera, and the image sent to the TFT screen.

Technical data:

Max item measurements L x W x H: 1.000 x 650 x 650 mm; max weighing capacity: 30 kg
Housing measurements L x W x H: 1.170 x 790 x 770 mm

Delivery includes: (standard)
instrument, control software, TFT screen /  display

barcode scanner, mobile unit with own power supply

All specified values refer to the standard version.
The system has greater technical potential than illustrated here.
On request, we can also realise other values.