KHT VolumeScan PBM 3D/800
Carton and book scanner
with time saving function.

The VolumeScan carton and book scanner is the undisputed champion, taking only seconds to measure the dimensions and weights of cartons, books, and other box shaped packaging.

This attractively priced entry level model features an officially calibrated precision weigher and, like the MultiScan, operates completely without physical contact and is virtually maintenance free. The VolumeScan is a complete measuring station. It can also be equipped for online data transfer to your storage management system.

  • carton and book scanner with infrared light grid
  • measurements of carton dimensions and weights
  • results in seconds
  • attractively priced entry level model
  • price and cost savings in shipping and storage

VolumeScan functions

The type 800 VolumeScan stations feature ultrasound sensors that each measure length, width, and height. The integrated weigher then turns the measuring system into a complete measuring station. 

VolumeScan control software

Our range of software solutions in several languages are custom configured precisely to your requirements. For instance, we can provide you with software that determines the shipping cartons and provides interfaces to your storage management system or barcode readers.